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Mungret St. Pauls 2-10 Ballybrown 0-12

Mungret St. Pauls took a firm hold on this game in Claughaun on Sunday 21 October when they played Ballybrown for the second time for the Shane Hourigan U-16 Hurling Cup. Mungret St. Pauls had one slip in concentration but regained their composure to secure the title they deserve.

A free for both teams opened the score for both sides. 2 more points a piece had the teams equaled again. Mungret St. Pauls pointed a free to take the lead, this was joined with a point from play but Ballybrown came back and went 4 points unanswered to bring them into the lead. With time ticking down, a sideline cut was neatly placed toward the goal and was gently urged into the back of the net to bring Mungret St. Pauls a point ahead. The sliotar saw both ends of the pitch, both going wide. A direct shot to a waiting Mungret St. Pauls forward put the ball to great use and saw it shot into the Ballybrown goal. One more point for Ballybrown ended the first half.

Ballybrown came out strong and a great sideline scored the first point for Ballybrown, they kept the pressure on our backs but their next shot was forced wide. Mungret St. Pauls took control, they drew the goalie out of position, passed the ball infront of the goals but a Ballybrown back got their hurley to the ball as it was directed to the goal. Mungret St. Pauls stayed strong on their pressure but Ballybrown blocked their attempts on scoring. Ballybrown were on the back foot and needed goals to get back into the game. A Ballybrown free dropped infront of the goal but Mungret St. Pauls backs worked together to clear the danger ball. 10 minutes had passed since the restart and it was Ballybrown who got the next point. Mungret St. Pauls still had the want to win this game and a point from play kept a 2 point difference between the teams. Both sides scored another 2 points each which brought them into the final quarter. Ballybrown were not to know but that was their last point of the game even though they tried to put the ball into the net, all our backs were in top form stopping everything that came their way. 2 pointed frees for Mungret St. Pauls left them with a comfortable 4 point lead with minutes left on the clock. It was a battle to the end but there was rejoicing when the final whistle was blown as Mungret St. Pauls were declared the Shane Hourigan U-16 Hurling County Champions. The first time this cup was won in 2015 was by Mungret St. Pauls and there are 6 families that have players on both of these teams. A lovely touch by the captain of the team, Conor O’Malley as he accepted the trophy from Shane Hourigans mother was handing the trophy to Eamonn Flahive who picked up an injury in the last Ballybrown match that ruled him out of the replay. Well done to this team who put in a lot of work and effort through the year and it has all paid off.

Players on the day; Darragh O’Hagan, Ciarán Kenny, Conor O’Malley, David Hassett, Billy Molyneaux, Dermot Moloney, Eamonn Flahive, Cillian Archer, Brian O’Meara, Conor O’Halloran, Odhran O’Dwyer (0-1), Conor Galvin (1-0), Mark Moroney (1-1), Liam Lynch (0-5, 0-5 from frees), Barry Duff, Tom Morrisson, Harry Page, David Geary (0-3), Jack McCarthy, Conor White, Cillian O’Gorman, Darragh O’Connor, Oisin Moss, Darragh Bridgeman, Colin Rochford, Fionn O’Dwyer.

Management; Justin O’Meara, Brian Lynch, Brian O’Halloran, Cian O’Brien, Colin Kenny, Declan Browne.

Mungret St. Pauls 5-8 Monaleen 1-4

A very one sided game in Mick Neville Park on a very wet, Saturday 13 October 2018, when these two sides last met it was the first game of the championship with Mungret St. Pauls wining 1-12 to 1-3.

Monaleen were first to score, Mungret St. Pauls reply was 2 points. Monaleen worked the ball hard and put the ball through the uprights. It was Mungret St. Pauls that held the play book as a goal at the right time separated these two teams. Mungret St. Pauls were more direct on their scores as Monaleen overworked the ball and struggled to take a score. Monaleen only scored another point and a goal in this half as Mungret St. Pauls continued to score. An opportunity to score arose and a goal was the outcome on the kick out, Mungret St. Pauls won the breaking ball and returned to put the goal back into the net again. Mungret St. Pauls next point was a hand pass over the bar, one final point finished the first half.

The rain was not letting up a bit like the Mungret St. Pauls players as they progressed their score even more in the second half. Mungret St. Pauls added on another 2 goals and 4 points. Monaleen were unable to score until the final countdown of minutes when they only managed one final point. The U-16 footballers now play Fr. Casey’s in the final.

Team on the day; Casey Tanyi, Darragh O’Connor, Ciarán Uwatse, David Hassett, James Killian, Frank Corcoran, Colin Rochford, Fintan O’Sullivan (1-0), Billy Molyneaux (0-1), Brian O’Meara (0-1), Odhran O’Dwyer, Daragh Bridgeman (0-1), Liam Lynch (1-6, 0-1 from free), Darragh O’Hagan (2-0), Conor Galvin, Dermot Moloney, Conor O’Halloran, Ciarán Kenny, Mark Moroney, Oisin Moss (1-0), Tom Morrison, Dylan Scanlon, Conor O’Malley, Harry Page, Cathal Joy, Jack McCarthy, Kieran Bolger.

Management; Frank O’Sullivan, Maurice Walsh, Liam O’Connell, Ken O’Connor, John Rochford.

Mungret St. Pauls 3-3 Fr. Casey’s 2-5

A hard fought battle in Mick Neville Park on Saturday 13 October in the early morning saw 2 great teams give everything they had to get across the finish line, Mungret St. Pauls were the victors by the final whistle.

It was a cold morning with the threat of rain throughout the game in Rathkeale. Fr. Casey’s were quick off the mark and putting pressure on our backs with our goalie pulling off a great save. Mungret St. Pauls played their way up the pitch to open the score with a great striking goal. There followed an unlucky strike as Fr. Casey’s hit the uprights twice and Mungret St. Pauls hit the goal post. Fr. Casey’s first score on the 8th minute of the game from a free was followed up with another 2 points. A forced substitution for Mungret St. Pauls led up to a second goal. Mungret St. Pauls kept the pressure on but Fr. Casey’s goalie got the ball out of danger for them just before half time.

The second half was as good as the first half with Mungret St. Pauls slotting over their first point as an opener. Fr. Casey’s were fighting back and scored goal and point to level the game before Mungret St. Pauls replied with their third goal along with 2 more points to bring them further in the lead. With 10 minutes left in the game the pressure was on both teams, Mungret St. Pauls to keep the lead and Fr. Casey’s to make a come back. It was the latter that finished the game as Fr. Casey’s put every effort into getting the ball to their forwards, they converted 2 of their 5 chances, widing 3 frees they scored their second goal and an additional point which left them a point shy by the full time whistle which came just in time.

These 2 sides will meet again over the coming years but Mungret St. Pauls take the victory for 2018 as they traveled home with the U-13 County Football cup and title. Well done to the players, mentors and parents. Thank you also to the supporters on the day.

Team on the day; Jake Foley, Brian Hassett, Ben Gallagher, James Corcoran, Fintan O’Kelly, Cian Moloney, Conor Collins, Tom Lloyd, John Wright, Mark O’Brien (0-2, 0-1 from free), Fintan Fitzgerald, Diarmuid Hynes, Muiris Ahern (0-1), Luke Walsh (3-0), Marcus Lyons, Darragh Johnston, Conor Morgan, Christy Carroll, Cian Kinnevane, Evan McInerney, Conor Johnston, Christopher McSweeney, Cian O’Sullivan, Ciaran O’Connor, Darragh Hogan, Adam Dore, Cian Baggott.

Management; David Foley, Paul Walsh, Denis Moloney, Maggie O’Neill.

Mungret St. Pauls 6-6 Blackrock 2-3

This was a great game for Mungret St. Pauls players who showcased a great display of football and teamwork in Mungret pitch on Sunday 7 October in a windy but dry day in the Semi final of the shield.

The game started well for Mungret St. Pauls who had a lot of possession and were creating a lot of chances but not taking these early on. Once the shooting boots were adjusted they got going and were the main scorers in the first half with 4-4, Blackrock only scored 2 points.

In the second half, as expected, Blackrock contested the game a bit more but Mungret St. Pauls played some competitive football to overcome an older and more physical team. Blackrock scored the first 3 scores, a point and 2 goals. Mungret St. Pauls closed the game out with another 2 goals and 2 points. This result means Mungret St. Pauls now go through to the final of the shield. Before they manage that they face into the U-13 football Final on Saturday in Mick Neville Park at 10.15am.

Mungret St. Pauls 0-16 Ballybrown 0-16
These sides have met before many times so are no strangers to each other. A draw was the best result for this close game of chasing points in Claughaun on Saturday 6 October.
Mungret St. Pauls started both halves with the opening score but Ballybrown matched the score in minutes from a free. Mungret St. Pauls wided their next 2 chances and gave away a free which Ballybrown sent to the wrong side of the upright, they kept the pressure up on the backs but there was a great save pulled off by the goalie. Ballybrown got into their stride as they scored the next 3 points, Mungret St. Pauls paused their scoring streak with a pointed free but Ballybrown were back scoring again getting in the next two. A point a piece before Mungret St. Pauls came back into the game securing the next 3 points, leaving a point difference, a poor finish from both sides followed Ballybrowns last point of the opening half as it closed with 2 wides from Ballybown and one from Mungret St. Pauls.
Mungret St. Pauls got in early with their next score but Ballybrown were not being quietened too easy and took on the next 2 scores. Mungret St .Pauls were fighting to stay in the game going back to a point behind. Another 2 points each until a well worked ball was sent soaring over the Ballybrown crossbar to level the sides. This saw a change in the Mungret St. Pauls side as they upped their game a bit more for the last quarter of the game. A free given to Mungret St. Pauls produced the second time in the game for them to take a lead but this was short lived and Ballybrown leveled then went one up. Another free evened the game for Mungret St. Pauls. Another point a piece before Mungret St. Pauls missed the target. Ballybrown tried three times to go ahead but each failed. As the clock was ticking down Mungret St. Pauls took on their last point of the game but they gave away a free, preventing a goal for Ballybrown to see the game into a replay.
The replay should be another great match for the supporters and we would encourage all our members to please come out and support the players in trying to take home the U-16 cup

Players on the day; Darragh O’Hagan, Ciarán Kenny, Conor O’Malley, David Hassett, Billy Molyneaux, Dermot Moloney, Eamonn Flahive, Cillian Archer, Brian O’Meara, Conor O’Halloran, Odhran O’Dwyer, Conor Galvin, Mark Moroney, Liam Lynch, Barry Duff, Tom Morrisson, Harry Page, David Geary, Jack McCarthy, Conor White, Cillian O’Gorman, Darragh O’Connor, Oisin Moss, Darragh Bridgeman, Colin Rochford.

Management; Justin O’Meara, Brian Lynch, Brian O’Halloran, Cian O’Brien, Colin Kenny, Declan Browne.

On Saturday 6 October on a lovely dry morning the club hosted the annual U-10 Football tournament. We welcomed Portlaoise, DooraBarefield and Na Gaeil (Kerry) each bringing 2 teams. This tournament is in it’s 5th year and honours our former president and principal of St. Nessan’s school, Stephen Cahill. We were delighted to have Stephens wife, Kathleen and son, Donal with us to present the cup to the winners, Doorabarefield Maroon who beat Mungret St. Pauls white in the final, congratulations to the most improved player of the tournament- Amhlaoibh Bohane for the red team and Eoghan Hogan for the white team. Each team that played gave a great game and there was a lot of skill on display which is great to see. Thank you to all the players for attending, the coaches for encouraging the players, parents for supporting, our own coaches for organising, the referees for doing a great job, our parents for their help in the kitchen, our photographers for capturing the day.

Mungret St. Pauls 1-4 Na Piarsaigh 2-5

The second match Mungret St. Pauls had in Cappamore was a steady game but opportune goals by Na Piarsaigh gave them an edge while Mungret St. Pauls stayed on the attack until the final whistle.

Two frees a piece marked the first quarter of the game but it was followed with Na Piarsaigh striking in a goal to take a lead closing off the first half.

The second half Na Piarsaigh came out stronger as they pointed 2 balls and sent another ball from a free to the corner of the goal. Mungret St. Pauls were awarded a penalty which was well taken and narrowed the lead to 5 points. With Na Piarsaigh wideing their frees Mungret St. Pauls finished with their only point from play. Na Piarsaigh were presented the cup.

Team on the day; Diarmuid Hynes, Brian Hassett, Cian Moloney, Evan McInerney, Fintan Fitzgerald, Marcus Lyons, Conor Collins, John Wright, Mark O’Brien, Sean Duff, Tom Lloyd, Sean O’Halloran, Muiris Ahern, Conor Morgan, Luke Walsh, Darragh Johnston, Christopher McSweeney, Conor Galligan, Jake Foley, Adam Dore, Darragh Hogna, Robert O’Brien, Jay Moroney, Cian Baggott.

Coaches; Fintan Hynes, Mike Galligan, Denis Moloney, Paul Walsh, Kieran O’Brien.

Mungret St. Pauls 2-15 Doon 3-9

The curtain opener in Cappamore on Saturday 22 September saw Mungret St. Pauls start off slow but picked up the pace near the end of the first half to dominate in the second half.

Doon lead the way while Mungret St. Pauls struggled at the start to get going until the last 10 minutes of the opening half when Mungret St. Pauls stepped it up and scored their first goal which helped to narrow the gap at half time to 1-7 to 2-5 Mungret St. Pauls going in one point behind.

The second half saw a different game, Mungret St. Pauls came out and straight away started to attack the Doon backs, we managed to go a goal and 5 points up in 18 minutes before Doon were awarded a free that opened their score in this half. Mungret St. Pauls replied with another 2 points. A point a piece before Doon reminded us they were still in the game with their third goal which they followed up with another 2 points. They needed another goal but were expertly denied by the Mungret St. Pauls goalie and his backs. Mungret St. Pauls took the 3 point win to go into the final where they will meet Ballybrown. Well done to this team who looked lost in the first half but fought back well.

Team on the day Darragh O’Hagan, David Hassett, Conor O’Malley, Ciarán Kenny, Billy Molyneaux, Dermot Moloney, Eamonn Flahive, Cillian Archer, Brian O’Meara, Conor O’Halloran, Odhran O’Dwyer, Conor Galvin, Mark Moroney, Liam Lynch, Barry Duff, Tom Morrison, Harry Page, David Geary, Jack McCarthy, Conor White, Cillian O’Gorman, Darragh O’Connor, Oisin Moss, Daragh Bridgeman, Colin Rochford. 

Coaches; Justin O’Meara, Brian Lynch, Brian O’Halloran, Cian O’Brien, Colin Kenny, Declan Browne 

Our annual Liam O’Donoghue Tournament took place on Sunday 16 September with an early start at 9.45am, Mungret St. Pauls welcomed Murroe Boher, Ballybrown, Kilmallock, Newtown Shandrum and Doon. With 3 of our senior players taking charge of the games the tournament ran very smoothly. There was a lot of skillful play on both pitches from all teams. The finals took place at 12pm and this ran into a great standard of play from the teams involved. Well done to the winners of the Liam O’Donoghue Tournament trophy, Murroe Boher with Liam himself presenting it. A special word of Thanks to the organisers- the U-12 Hurling coaches headed off by Kevin Dore, to O’Malley Griffin Insurance Brokers for sponsoring the event, the helpers in the kitchen who kept everyone hydrated and fed and the parents for their supporting the event.

Mungret St. Pauls 3-10 Ballybrown 0-7

Friday 14 September brought both teams to Askeaton when both sides looked even at first Mungret St. Pauls stepped up their game and held Ballybrown off when close to the goals.

Mungret St. Pauls were first to point with Ballybrown equalizing minutes later, this was repeated again. The sliotar was worked up the field and into the hands of the waiting forward who smashed it into the back of the Ballybrown net. This was the changing point in the game when Mungret St. Pauls took off and saw out the first half with a further 2 points to widen their lead.

The second half, Mungret St. Pauls put the pressure on the Ballybrown backs again going for a shot on goal they were unlucky to hit the crossbar twice before eventually taking a point. The first pointed free for Mungret St. Pauls came before Ballybrown got in their own 3 pointed frees but this was not a strong enough come back as Mungret St. Pauls quenched them with another 2 points. A change of fresh legs on the pitch saw what could only be described as an assassination on the goals with 2 quick shot goals were scored accompanied with a point for Mungret St. Pauls with Ballybrown closing out the game on their last 2 points. This was a great result for this energetic team as they accepted the shield from Mary Hasssett the Bord na nOg Secretary.

Team; Rian Murphy, Andrew Aherne, Mark Buckley (0-1), Conor Collins, Max Duggan (1-0), Fintan Fitzgerald, Ronan Greaney, Davd Guilfoyle, JJ Harrington (0-1), Jason Hassett, Sam Hogan, Jack Horgan, Diarmuid Hynes, Tom Lloyd (2-0), Marcus Lyons, Briain Malone, Cian Moloney, Liam Moran, Conor Morgan, Eoin O’Hagan, Sean O’Halloran, Mark O’Brien (0-3, 0-3 from free), Ronan Smith, John Wright (0-2), Ben O’Hagan (0-3, 0-1 from free).


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